Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Late 4th Everyone!!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't gotten a post up since the 2nd, I have been fairly busy and spent the fourth of july lounging by the pool and haven't had the chance to update, but I promised more stories and I have more stories.

I once worked for a company that handled the promotions for a major cellular phone carrier, and a lot of the people I worked with weren't exactly the quickest of the bunch when it came to computers. Here's a small list of some of the more 'interesting' ones.

- The lady who thought in order to turn her computer off she had to completely unplug it, then when her harddrive crashed I had to explain to her why, she still didn't get it.

- One of the higher up managers who asked me to take a look at his computer (at this point I was dubbed 'The Computer Guy') as he was wonderingwhy his keyboard wasn't working......he had spilled a LARGE cup of water into it and asked 'If that was a problem'.

But one of my favorites, one of my absolute favorites was the reaction that came from one of my co-workers who recently had bought a new Mac computer and received the infamous 'bomb' error, she actually freaked out, unplugged her computer and rushed everyone out of her house and called the cops thinking there was a bomb in her computer.

Yeah, those are the people I used to work with, and people wonder why I worry about the sanity and future of the world.

Tomorrow I will be back to my typical customer stories, unless something interesting comes up beyond that, hope everyone had a good and safe fourth of july!

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