Monday, July 2, 2007

One from a co-worker of mine

This is one from a co-worker of mine, this will be one of the first of many stories from my other co-workers and, coming up, stories ABOUT some co-workers of mine as well, so enjoy!

So heres a great example of how ignorant people can be these day with computers.
Customer calls saying there internet is not working, after the initiate troubleshooting and checking there modem lights, reseting router blah blah blah, I move into the Computer Troubleshooting portion.

I ask the customer to click on start when suddenly she says "I cant."
"Well why are you unable to? Do you have a mac?"
"No, theres this blue screen with an error on it."
"Oh well that means your computer has crashed and you'll need to contact your manufacture of the computer or go to a local repair center."
"No its the internet, I have it through you guys thats why its not working"
After 20 minutes of explaining how the internet does not effect the computer in that way and how the internet worked with a computer she refused to believe me and requested a supervisor. Of course my supervisor instantly gave me a chuckle and, thinking this will be easy, accepted the call.

Later on that day I come to find out my supervisor spent about 30 minutes arguing with the customer explaining to her that its not our fault her computer crashed and that she has to pay for it to get fixed...
She wound up canceling her service with us.

50% of all of our calls are user errors or as I like to say ID10T errors.
The majority of those are caused by customers routers just needing to be reset.

No one realizes that when they hook up a router is that the router, routes data from the modem and that it may be a cause of there malfunction. If people actually took the time to try and understand how there electronics worked instead of just caring weather it works or not there wouldn't be a need for tech support and I wouldn't mind losing my job to educate society, just because thats more important than all the money in the world.

We arn't tech support because we spent our entire lives with computers (sure some of us have but thats not the reason) We are tech support because we are motivated enough to actually want to learn about modern technology and to better educate ourselves so we can be self efficient*, because honestly who like relying on some guy that gets paid crap and hates his job to fix something that you've placed so much reliability into that you can't have it not working, your computer.

*That last statement is the only one I have a problem with, the main reason we take the jobs is because it's experience that helps us get into that nice cushy supervisor or IT Administration position and a paycheck, to be honest some of us just don't care and it is a job that can burn you out within a year, if not before then.

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